Thursday, October 29, 2009

55 Years of Publishing... And Now This.

George Braziller, Inc., is pleased to announce that our spontaneous, unedited thoughts will now appear in packets of 140 characters or less on a new RSS feed site named "Twitter."


  1. Brilliant post, luminous, reynal. Something almost mathematical with regard to the chrystalline rendition of the color scheme, metallic grays reflecting off white iron slowly shadowing over ivory, acutely: for we all must eat: whether bats or fishes or hitchcock - precondition to being a part of a herd-pack of beasts. 1939 comes to mind, again, for no particular reason, perhaps the beginning of WWII, maybe the strange confluence of personalities so as to suggest to otherwise self-reliant individuals the utility of mentorship, the need for a firm hand in guidance, and then Bamb! Hiroshima!!!!!...The zodiacal light is usually described as a cone or lenticularly-shaped glow of nebulous light, seen after sunset or before sunrise, extending upwards from the position of the sun nearly in the direction of the ecliptic or of the sun’s equator. This description, though fairly correct for the higher latitudes, does not represent accurately what is seen in the tropics, where the light is often a very conspicuous object...either way mum is word, but why I don't know, and I hesitate to guess, but really I just fear for what if despite myself -ourself-I am just totally off track, in solitude, and admittably no longer able to believe anything I can't see with my own eyes...please help. I am no longer I - I see much know less, imagine the whole, picture hope.(save in those tiny sections that are deliberately obstructed from view and whose spectrum I can only subscribe into reality...) Where do we go from here?